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Xenoncart 1.9


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Find out exactly what Xenon Cart can do

Easy Installer
Installation with Xenon Cart - uncomplicated and works every time.

Clever Stuff

Company Logo
Upload your company logo to be displayed on your website, within your Ajax powered customer chat room, and within your newsletter. It will also appear in any invoices sent from the site.

Favicon (Favourite icon)
You can now upload a favicon which will be displayed in the address bar of your browser. You can even include the favicon into any page in your site using a small variable.

Category List
Change the way that the category list is displayed from drilldown to treeview.

Page Menu
Add pages to your site online and set to appear in page menu. When you add a sub-page this will appear as a dropdown menu.

New and improved admin interface
We have updated, improved and refined the admin interface for ease of use.

Code Editior
Xenon Cart Page Editior colours the code you are editing online to help you make alterations to and create new template files.

Password strength
A colour and text notification to help your customer when they choose a password at your site.

Colour Picker
Check a colour value in your admin panel, helping you find those perfect colour combinations.

Custom Form Maker
Set the email recipient and create your own form to use in your website, giving you more control and the power to make your website work for you.

IP Logging and banning
A useful tool to monitor login attempts and to ban a user who you suspect may be up to no good

User Accounts

User Account Management
Admin can create a new secondary admin user account to manage various functions. There are 5 main levels of accounts including: customers, Editors (can manage site pages and news), and top level admin

User Groups
Create groups for your customers and manage accounts with ease.

Ticket Support
Allow your users to submit a ticket in a queue for support, this is used when an operative is unavailable for Live Chat sessions

Private File Sharing
Share any type of file you want with your registered users. Files can be commented on by admin and customer to enable private discussions on any files (eg: Design company wants to show a file to a customer for approval)

User Center
When logged in as an admin user, you can search for and edit any account information including addresses (billing and delivery) and contact names

Product Reviews
(as seen on - Let your users have their say and encourage an online community at your store by allowing regular shoppers to review your products, entries can be moderated if needed

You can now create a poll, setting questions and an array of answers. You can even moderate votes if needed.

New User Registration
Collect customer details prior to their order by allowing them to register at your site. Registered users can review products and sign your guest book

Transaction History
Full transaction history with the ability to set order status for the tracking of orders

Supplier Commissions
Enable a product 'owner' to earn a rate which you define as their commission per item sale

Affiliate Account Management
A commission can be set and monitored by Admin and can also be viewed privately online by the designated affiliates. An example of this usage would be for companies who sell digital MP3 music online, but who are required to pay the Artists / Record Labels who ultimately own the MP3 or who are expected to be paid a commission on a 'per sale' basis.

1-on1 Chat
Allow your registered users to request a live text based conversation when admin is logged in. Includes Conversation Logging

Guest book / Testimonials
Allowing registered users to comment in a designated section of the site, entries can be added, edited and deleted by website admin

Worldwide Reach

Supported Payment Gateways
Allow your customers to pay you into the following accounts: PayPal, PayPal Pro, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, CCBill and offer 'pay be cheque', 'pay via telephone' or 'pay into your bank account' alternatives

Set your own method of delivery according to weight and destination. You can also manage Order Delivery Status

Multiple Currency Support
Giving a visitor the option to display the price of any product depending on their currency

Currency Options
In the Admin control panel, you can define up to five currencies which you want to use on your website. You can choose to display the currencies in either a dropdown box or image links which will change the mode of the site and display any prices in your site in the selected currency.

Select the country and even the specific state / county that you want to sell to. You can even charge shipping cost per weight of goods ordered from here.

Allows admin user(s) to set delivery specifics and delivery / shipping destinations

International Time
Discover the time in another country, helping you to manage a successful website with global reach

Admin user(s) can set accurate tax rates per country


Cross linking and cross selling!
You are able to associate products with pages, and pages with products which helps you manage site workflow and provides your visitors with all the information they need.

Products & Product Options
Add, Search and Edit an Unlimited amount of products and product categories. Add images, set options (eg: T-Shirt available in multiple colours and/or price variations) and optimize your products and categories with SEO tools

Custom Fields
Associate any type of file (PDF's, MP3's, Any documents, Images etc) with any product, this is useful for allowing a 30 second preview of a music track for the customer to try before he/she buys

Advanced Product Search
Allow your visitors to search by price range (as seen on - Set price range values and let your customer search according to their budget. Ranges are dictated by admin.

Digital Goods
Support for IPN (Instant Payment Notification) to assist with the sale of instantly downloadable digital goods.


Banner Module
Display one or multiple banner adverts which can be hyperlinked. If you add more than one banner advert, they will appear randomly with every page view.

Page Gallery Module
You can show the title, summary, body and link of any page within your website. Displayed within any skin or any .tpl file for easy customisation.

Four in One
A smooth JavaScript accordian which lets your visitor see site news, best sellers, new products and even vote in your site Poll! You can choose how many rows and columns are used to display products + information.

Featured Content
Upload .jpg, .gif or .png images which can link to any page in your website and which will be displayed in a slideshow on your index.php page.

Page Images
There are several ways of adding images to your pages, there is an image library where you can store your images ready to insert them, or we have the facility to add images to your pages which appear in a pre-determined fashion.

Integrated Technology

Easy Google Adsense & Analytics Integration
Add your Adsense code to your skin without any programming knowledge and select size and placement when logged in.

Google Earth Map
Set your longitude and latitude for an instant interactive satellite map of your business / organization

Website Promotion

Bulk mail all of your registered users to inform of new products, company news and to encourage your users to re-visit your site

Offer store promotions and discounts, Enable a discount to be applied to your entire product range, or issue gift coupons allowing a single user savings in store

Misc. Features

CSV output
Generate a CSV (comma separated value) file and export simple transaction information to be saved on your local computer and opened in your spreadsheet program.

Bulk products upload
Upload multiple products at once using the built in bulk products upload feature.

The system automatically rebuilds 80% of the site cache.

New advanced text editor enabling you to edit your pages easily and giving you more control over the content.

Animated Flash Statistics
Demonstrating information such as product sales per day, week, month and year

Database Backup & Restore
Never loose database information or valuable data

File Manager
Manage, edit, upload and delete any website files with our built in file manager, allowing access to any of the hundreds of files which make the system work

Download : Xenoncart 1.9

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